The principals of Velnah, Eddie Veloso and Tim Hankinson, have many years of experience in the design, development, manufacturing and marketing of cable network products for telecommunications, electrical, power and industrial markets.

Both senior executives with engineering backgrounds, they have been involved in major Copper, HFC and Fibre network roll-outs within the Asia Pacific region as well as being instrumental in the development and introduction of various cable network products used extensively today. Combined they have an unparalleled knowledge of the technologies, products, manufacturers, suppliers and services available worldwide.

Their approach to business has always been to build trusted and beneficial long term relationships with a diverse range of customers, big or small. Through direct involvement and working closely with customers they get to understand the requirement and application in order to deliver the most cost effective and appropriate product solution.

Velnah’s passion for innovation, quality and customer satisfaction offers the industry:

  • Unrivalled market knowledge and experience
  • Proven competency and reliability
  • Ability to recognise and understand customers true requirements
  • Provision of the right product for the application
  • Understanding of the need to select and supply cost appropriate product
  • Access to quality and unique products from known and trusted manufacturers and suppliers worldwide
  • Concept, design and product development capabilities
  • Capability to provide local manufacturing
  • Representation throughout Asia Pacific

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